Kerala has numerous collectives of women, ranging from self-help groups to elite clubs. But this group of women are different from most of them. These women blaze the roads on their Royal Enfield Bullets, emphatically claiming the streets with that thumping sound.


The all-woman 'Bullet riders club' in Thiruvananthapuram is the first women bullet riders' collective in the state. They have the latest Himalayan Royal to the classic model of 2004. 

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The exclusive women riders' club has 18-year-old college student to 43- year-old homemaker in the team. "When boys of my age ride on scooters, I would tell them lightly: change this scooter man," Sulakshana, a member of the club said lightly.  

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They know that they are turning heads and they enjoy it. "When we go together on our Bullets, many men would be literally gaping at us," says another member of the team. 


Shiny, who owns five bullets, is the leader of the riders. "All of us are very brave women who dare to hit the streets with pride and power. Our dream is to make a grand parade through city roads with a 100 strong team of Bullet riders," Shiny, known widely as 'Bullet Woman,' said.