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Bricks made of Bengaluru lakes' silt can fetch Rs 2K Crore: Survey

Bricks made of Bengaluru lakes' slit can fetch Rs 2K Crore: Survey
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Months after the fire incidents at Varthur Lake and Bellandur Lake were reported; experts from Indian Institute of Science, Madras Engineering Group (MEG) and locals conducted a Bathymetric Survey at these lakes as the concerned officials are sitting as lame duck in terms of taking up development work.


The survey, which began on April 4, found reported that—depth of Varthur Lake used to be 30 feet (10 meters) which has now reduced to even less than 1meter in many places.
"It was a massive effort with samples taken at every 10ft along the length and breadth of the two lakes as the last survey was done in 1970," said Indian Institute of Science Professor, TV Ramachandra.


Professor Ramachandra said, "We can assume about 7.3 million cubic meters of silt at Bellendur Lake, which could fetch Rs 2,000 crore if processed into bricks or sand is used for construction."


The team which held a meeting at Bellandur Lake on Tuesday after taking up the survey of the Lake, shared this analysis.


The Bathymetric Survey which was conducted to understand the depth profile of both the lakes; that is to find out how much silt has been deposited over the years, also suggested the ways to rejuvenate the two lakes.


Elan Kulandaivelu, a member of White Field Rising Association which was an active part of this drive, said: "The lakes had recently hit the national headlines after froth and fire were reported, scientists attributed it to pollution due to letting of effluents like soap, sewage and chemical through storm water drain in these lakes."


"We waited for officials to do something about it, since they delayed, we the residents along with some enthusiasts and supporters started the survey and the same will be given to concerned authority to act and help the lake rejuvenate," he said.


The survey team comprises of 13 personnel from MEG and a six-member team from IISC along with volunteers from White Filed Rising, Varthur Lake team, Bellandur Lake team and students from K. K School and apartments associations from Yemlur.


Previously, the villagers around the Lakes used to remove the silt every two years and use it for manure and farming. However, due to rapid urbanization, the farm lands have given way to concrete buildings and thus the silt has continued to accumulate.


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