A low-intensity blast in the premises of Malappuram District Collectorate complex which also houses the district court on Tuesday afternoon has triggered the doubts of the involvement of terrorist groups of Al Ummah and Indian wing of Al-Queda.  The crude bomb was planted inside a pressure cooker that went off close to noon triggering panic in the area.

The bomb was kept inside a car taken for rent by District Homeo Medical Officer. Though nobody was injured in the blast, vehicles parked in the vicinity were damaged in the blast. 


The police have recovered a paper box with a letter and a pen drive inside a small box from the area.The letter claimed that the blast was in revenge for the murder of Muhammed Akhlaq, who was mob- lynched on September 28 last year for keeping beef in his home at Dadri in UP. The incident brought shame on India, it said.


The letter by 'Base Movement India', which is considered as the morphed name adopted by the Indian wing of Al Queda. The letter had the map of India printed on it and the picture of Osama Bin Laden.


The letter begins with 'In the name of Allah ' and concludes with a warning:  "COUNT YOUR DAYS."   


The police say that the Tuesday's incident was similar to the explosions at Kollam court in Kerala in June this year and at Chittoor court in Andhra Pradesh. 


Initially, it was suspected that the LPG cylinder inside the car could have caused the explosion but police now suspect a bigger conspiracy and planning. 


Though the explosion was of low-intensity police say that the bombs placed in tiffin boxes are a common method used by Indian Mujahideen (IM) terror group.