Bhadregowda of the JD(S) has been elected Deputy Mayor of BBMP. At the last moment, the BJP decided not to field any candidate from the party.

The election was held following the death of Ramila Umashankar, who died of heart attack on October 5. Gangambike Mallikarjun was elected BBMP Mayor and Ramila as Deputy Mayor on September 28, this year.

The seat of deputy mayor was vacant after the death of 44-year-old Ramila, who was also a JD(S) member.

Rumours were rife that there was a fight between Bhadregowda and Imran Pasha of the JD(S) for the post of Deputy Mayor. But the party decided to go ahead with Bhadregowda.

Meanwhile, reports stated that the BJP was planning to field Padmavathi for the seat, but later decided not to field any candidate at all.