The devotees of Lord Srinivasa believe in the superstition. They believe by setting fire, they’ll be bestowed with children.


The temple of Lord Srinivasa is located in Karighatta, Srirangapattana Taluk, Mandya district. This temple is renowned as ‘Chikka Tirupati’ (a miniature Tirupati). The temple has devotees in many districts across the state.


In the recent days not only the villagers, even devotees from outside districts have started setting fire in the nearby forest land.  Brahma Rathotsava (chariot festival) is conducted in the temple every year in the month of February. The devotees believe that their wishes will be fulfilled on that sacred occasion


Hence setting of fire takes place mostly in the month of February. Despite efforts by environmentalists and forest department to create awareness, deforestation is growing with each passing year.


Now officers from the forest department have warned devotees who are following this superstition. They have told that legal action will be taken against devotees under Wildlife Protection Act 1972.