The BBMP's new 'signal-free' plans seem to require the cutting of 52 more trees across the city. Is there no end to the deforestation of Bengaluru?

After BDA planned to massacre 800 trees for the steel bridge, the BBMP is now gearing to cut down 52 trees for two flyovers for the North-West 'signal-free' corridor project.

The BBMP has two flyovers and an integrated underpass planned. For that, it has sent a proposal to the forest department to give its consent to cut 52 trees in the West of Chord Road in West Division.

The BBMP wanted to ease traffic in the West division and hence it planned a signal-free corridor from Vijayanagar to Tumkur Road.

"The traffic becomes the worst at West Of Chord Road, Manjunath Nagar and its surroundings in West zone. As a result, commuters travelling from Mysuru Road to Tumkur Road via Vijayanagar and Rajajinagar get stuck for hours together in Basaveshwaranagar Junction near West of Chord Road. If we fix this problem, commuters can get easily connected to the North from the West in less than 15 minutes. Hence two flyovers and an integrated underpass was planned, and work has just begun" said KT Nagaraj, Chief Engineer, BBMP.


The BBMP, however, did not want to react to the question of how many trees would be felled for the project.


According to the proposal copy available with Asianet Newsable, the BBMP has sent a proposal to the forest department for permission to cut 52 trees. As a compensation, the BBMP says that it will plant 105 tree saplings and take care of them for a few years.


"We have received the proposal by BBMP Projects Division to cut 52 trees and will place it before the tree committee before making any decision," said a senior official from BBMP forest division.


Vijay Nishanth tree activist and urban conservationist say any tree cutting in Bengaluru should always be objected as the City has already lost its green cover.


"As a part of the tree committee, we will examine to save trees first. The option of tree translocation should also be considered and," he said.