Bengaluru gangsters had grown to such an extent that they were so powerful even change the entire social and political system. Now probing on the shootout case of Kadabagere Srinivas, Bengaluru police have reached to the very roots of Bengaluru underworld mafia. The rowdies who are involved in the mafia are shocked by the operations of the police and many have escaped from the jurisdictions of the city.


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The police had warned the rowdies of the city soon after the shootout of Srinivas. But many rowdies with the support of a few top IPS officers and politicial leaders, had completely disregarded such kind of warnings and were continuing their illegal activities. But now the operations of the police have destroyed their sleep. Police power has shaken the underworld.


With the excuse of probing the shootout case the police have mainly targeted the underworld mafia.


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The rowdies have left the city:


Police are in a mission to curtail the influence of Rowdies in the city since one week. Recently more than 100 rowdies planned to meet in at a particular place, near Sarjapur Road. In the meeting they were about discuss on how to act with the police who are in a mission to curtail rowdyism in the city. But the police sources got this news and raided immediately on the spot. The rowdies, as soon as they saw the cops, ran away from the spot. However, police have been successful in catching four out of hundred rowdies. 


“Approach the police directly if any anonymous person tortures you for some issue which is not related to him. If the police don’t entertain your complaint then come directly to me. Such people are called rowdies only when they are with their groups, otherwise when they are alone they are mere cowards” – Hemanth Nimbalkar, Additional Commissioner of Police


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New Commissioner Praveen Sood and his team have decided to wane the power of rowdies completely. Now time will decide that who is going to win in this war.