Four more Northeastern students were forced out of their houses by the owner Hemanth Kumar on Sunday. Among them, three are women and all are students of the Christ University in Bengaluru.


It seems Kumar, who already had assaulted Higio Gungtey earlier, is not ready to give up his stand against the Northeastern students. This cloud of racism has been affecting Bengaluru for quite some time now and it is high time that people should think about changing their perspectives.


Gungtey, Mridupawan Bharali and Rajeev Ranjan Singh had already vacated their house on March 6. Kumar did not even give them a notice period and forced them out of the house.    

“Four others, three girls and a boy, who had rented two single-bedroom flats in SK Mansion vacated their houses on Sunday after the landlord created a ruckus,” Singh was quoted as saying by Deccan Herald.


“Hemanth accused them of indulging in immoral activities at his house. He did not even give students time, as mentioned in the rental agreementThe students, had no other choice but to inform their parents and shift their belongings to their friends’ place. Luckily, the owner returned their security deposits,” Singh added.