Bengaluru traffic one of the most talked about topics across the city. 

Interestingly, city traffic cops say handling traffic during the visits of the President, Vice President or a Governor is easier since traffic will have to be made free for a fixed period of time. And the VVIPs stick to their schedules. 

But in the case of politicians like the Chief Minister or other Ministers the job becomes tough as they are made to wait for long hours.


Although senior traffic officers did not remark about the issue of the waiting motorists, who are often trapped in gridlocked traffic jams. 


The traffic constables at all junctions shared similar sentiments.


"For President, Vice President and Governor, there is a protocol in all the public functions. They will address at the given time and leave the place. No other person can bypass their events and they do not make any change in plans. They leave the venue immediately after the functions. This makes it easy to manage traffic. And within minutes the traffic becomes normal once they leave," said a Constable at Ulsoor Traffic Police Station.


Another Constable attached to Cubban Park Limits says his jurisdiction is one of the most hectic as there is always VIP movement. When the CM, other ministers and central ministers come, it becomes a headache as they get delayed with other appointments.  


"We will have to wait until these leaders leave. Due to political compulsion and other engagements, if they get stuck, we will have no choice but to wait till these VIPs leave," 


Cursing their fate many lower order constables say, they are abused by the public for stopping traffic, but they are are also shouted at by seniors under similar pressure.