A whopping ₹ 110 crores and a little more was lost in 2016 through several burglaries, heists and mugging in Bengaluru. The crime rate in the city had gone down because of heavy police patrolling in several parts of the city but it has been on the rise since last year yet again making Bengaluru one of crime hubs in India.


Apparently, the Bengaluru City Police have tightened the security forces on the streets of the Silicon Valley of India. They have deployed a number of patrolling jeeps in several parts of the city. This step was taken so that the crime rate in the city can be controlled. But it remains to be seen whether Bengaluru City Police will be able to reduce this rising crime rate.

"We have mobilized a total of 221 Hoysalas on day and night patrol, with additional checks at isolated locations and crime-prone areas. We are in the process of setting up 579 CCTV cameras at key locations to monitor criminal activity, especially to ensure the safety of women," Bengaluru City Police Commissioner Praveen Sood was quoted as saying by The Times of India.


In 2016, BCP received 1269 cases out of which, Bengaluru City Police could only crack 206 cases. The rate of detection is poor as currently it stands only at 16% which is definitely not good enough. Unlike 2015, BCP received 1206 complaints and cracked 424 cases. Does this signify the carelessness of the city police?

However, deploying new fleet of vehicles probably will not help much. They just need to stop the crimes from happening or just crack down the cases registered.