Though the name of the minister has not been made public, the police have currently decided to issue a notice to the minister to attend the interrogation.


While Rohit alias Vonte and Silent Sunila, the two prime accused in the Dasanapura APMC president Kadabagere Sreenivasa Murthy known as Kadabagere Seena have surrendered after Agni Sridhar was admitted to the hospital, following a raid on his house in connection with the case. Agni Sridhar was charged with giving shelter to Rohit, who was the prime accused in the shootout case. Seena is the President of Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC).


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On February 3, two assailants on a bike shot at Srinivas Kadabagere at Kogilu cross on the way to Kempegowda International Airport.  Seena was travelling in his official car, the attackers fired six rounds, out which two hit Srinivas.



Currently, he is recovering in the hospital, and now the investigation is hinting at the involvement of a BJP minister in the shootout case. Earlier too, there were rumours that a minister had given Rs 1 crore supari to kill Kadabagere Seena.


To understand Seena’s political connections and rivalry, it is important to know his growth in the real estate field and how he used it for his political career.


Kadabagere Sreenivasa alias Seena and his brother Poison Rama became prominent real estate dons after the police encountered Betthanagere Seena (also a real estate don) in and around Nelamangala.


Seena who is currently in the Congress party started his political career with BJP, decades ago. With the wings of real estate spread around Yelahanka and Nelamangala Assembly Constituencies, the Kadabagere brothers tried to spread their business empire outside their area and landed in trouble as there were other competitors.


The Kadabagere brothers have a powerful hold on the real estate for more than two decades. Eight years ago, when the assembly constituencies were re-distributed, Dasanapura Hobli, which came under Nelamangala was included under Yelahanka Assembly constituency. Following this development, Seena joined the BJP and became an active member of the party. As days passed Seena was considered as the close aide of the ministers. This gave him more power nad helped in widening his real estate business too.



In 2010 taluk panchayat elections, BJP won four seats. Interestingly, among them, one seat was won by Seena’s brother Poison Rama's wife. During the election, the Kadabagere brothers had threatened the JD(S) candidates against campaigning. JD(S) candidate and Mungaru Male film producer E Krishnappa also had told that his life was under threat.This was the power the Kadabagere brothers showed.


Slowly Seena grew in the party cadre to the extent that the minister who supported him till now started feeling the heat of the situation when Seena’s attitude was no more subservient. This led to disagreement and argument between Seena and the minister.


This development prompted Seena to quit BJP, and he joined the Congress through veteran leader Veerappa Moily. With Seena joining Congress, the party showed improved results in the Nelamangala and Yelahanka constituencies. This development became a challenge to the BJP minister, once close to Seena. From here onwards Seena stood as the main impediment against the BJP minister. But last year in the Zilla Panchayat elections, the minister defeated Seena from Machonahalli constituency. Also, his brother Poison Rama and his wife were defeated in the Gram Panchayat elections. This was minister’s answer to Seena’s challenge.


Angered by this, Seena made sure that he had his way and his supporter defeated minister’s wife in the BBMP elections. Seena contested for the APMC elections, and even amidst opposition from the BJP minister, he won the president’s post.


Thus, Seena had now become a threat to minister’s political career. His shootout was planned by the minister in this regard, say sources. 


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However, going by the trends, Agni Sridhar could not have accepted the supari from BJP minister as his journal, and personal belief is anti-BJP. Thus, the case has got murkier, and it will be a tough task for the police to find out the culprit.