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Bengaluru set to sacrifice thousands of Parakeets for a bus stop

  • Thousands of bright green Parakeets have made about 24 trees their home. 
  • The trees are now scheduled to be chopped down for a bus stand. 
  • Bengaluru's development seems to have lost all touch with the ecology of the city. 
Bengaluru set to sacrifice thousands of Parakeets for a bus stop
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About 8000 parakeets are all set to lose their home in Bengaluru, as the Transport Department plans a modal bus station at Kalasipalya right on top of their trees.  

Tree activists have strongly opposed the government's move to chop about 24 trees at Kalasipalya. 

"The government should have accommodated this trees in their plan. The trees are very old and home to Parakeets that have been nesting there from ages. We need an explanation from the transport department that is making a bus stand for the BMTC," said Vijay Nishanth,  Urban Conservationist.

It seems strange that trees that are famous for their wildlife have been targeted for destruction without consideration about their unique status. After all, all the trees are usually packed with thousands of green parakeets - a sight both hard to ignore or forget once seen. 

This seems to be yet another example of unplanned development in the city, with little consideration for the on-ground situation of ecological impact. 

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