The last minute cancellation of DJ David Guetta's concert has been followed by a blame game between Sunburn and Bengaluru rural police. Hours before this charity gig, the organiser tweeted that the show has been cancelled. 


This tweet (now deleted) by Sunburn CEO Karan Singh stated that "Due to the present law & order situation in Bengaluru following the events that transpired around New Year's Eve, the authorities have recommended against holding the David Guetta concert scheduled today in the city. We at Sunburn tried our very best to make it happen but the authorities understandably are not prepared to take any chances. Hence today's concert unfortunately stands cancelled."


As a response to this tweet, Bengaluru rural police issued a notice to Sunburn alleging 'misinforming the public,' 'showcasing the police in poor light for their lack of following the protocol,' and 'showing the city in a poor light'. IGP Central Range, Seemanth Kumar Singh, also confirmed that the police is also contemplating legal action against Sunburn for the tweet. 


Impressive and very prompt action on a tweet by the Bengaluru police, only if such promptness were displayed while curbing crime in the city. For example, the mass molestation on the New Year's Eve in which city police after six days said that no evidence was found on CCTV camera footage. 


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Last year saw multiple molestation cases and various other crimes taking a sharp hike and police inaction was a matter of worry for the residents of the city. Delay in FIR, delay in filing charges, failure to nab the accused and miscreants are regular issues that city police avoid talking about. 


Rather than addressing these issues and acting promptly on them, the police decided to go after Sunburn for supposedly damaging the reputation of police and the city. If such promptness is displayed in dealing with real issues, the city police need not worry about its own and the city's reputation getting damaged by a simple tweet.