This has to be one of the strangest cases to be taken up by the Bengaluru Police. The criminal the police is looking for, is a cow.  Yes, you read that right. A cow is making the Bengaluru police run around. Leave alone criminals, it is stubborn and dangerous bovines like this which is taking up the police’s attention.


According to an article in TOI, the Adugodi police are hunting a cow (and its owner) that attacked a 55-year-old woman near her house inside the police quarters on Hosur-Lashkar Road. The woman, whose son is a head constable in the city police commissionerate, had to undergo surgery for a dislocated shoulder.


Bhagyamma, a resident of Adugodi police quarters, near the City Armed Reserve South office, was on her way home after picking up her granddaughter from school. The cow attacked her from behind and she fell down. Then it kicked her several times. The Adugodi police have registered a case of causing hurt by endangering life or personal safety of others under Section 337 of the Indian Penal Code against the owner of the cow.


Bhagyamma’s son P Raju helped piece together what happened that day. He says, that as a result of the cow butting his mother, she fell down but before that she pushed her granddaughter out of harm’s way. The animal had kicked his mother with its hooves, causing an injury to the head and also a dislocated shoulder. When Raju was returning from work, he spotted a crowd surrounding his bleeding mother. He immediately rushed his mother to the hospital and by then the cow had been shooed away by the residents.



A police officer from the station says, “The woman couldn’t see the cow properly as she fell down and covered her face while it attacked her. It is a peculiar case. We might even have to bring some cows and parade them in front of the woman like an ‘identification parade’. Once we know which one it was, the animal will have to be seized and the matter will go to the court.”


The burst of enthusiasm with which the Adugodi Police is looking for the errant bovine is indeed surprising. So while cases like theft, murder, forgery, kidnapping and all are piling up, the police are spending time looking for a bovine, who in all probability was just spooked during that time.


While this incident might seem funny it does highlight the menace some cows can create on the streets. These animals, let loose by their owners, loiter around busy roads, causing traffic snarls,, sometimes even causing accidents, they also lead to fear because sometimes they turn violent and end up hitting passersby or motorists.


The BBMP has made an effort to crack down instances of straying cattle but their owners seem to be unaffected as they pay the penalty and still leave their cows free to roam the city.