Bengaluru recently got its three-lane integrated skywalk the first of its kind in South India inaugurated on Tuesday, January 31 at Jayanagar. The inauguration was attended by Mayor G Padmavathi, MLA R Ashoka.


The skywalk is named after renowned Kannada poet Ambikatanayadatta as ‘Da.Ra. Bendre Gagana Marga’. Accordingly, the skywalk was inaugurated on the 121st birth of the poet. Apart from this, the BBMP also unveiled a bronze idol of the poet.


BBMP has constructed this integrated skywalk under Public Private Partnership (PPP) with Prakash Arts, a private advertisement company, and it cost incurred is ₹ 2.


The BBMP has entered into an agreement with the advertisement company, and the company has agreed to pay ₹ 10.8 lakhs towards rent and ₹ 3.2 lakhs towards advertisement charges, annually.


Four roads meet at this junction at Jayanagar 3rd Block and pedestrians find it difficult to cross the roads. Three elevators also have been installed to the skywalk.