A day after a fringe group attacked Sooraj R, a Keralite pursuing PhD in the aerospace department, over organising a beef fest, the students of IIT Madras have launched a protest rally demanding justice. The student body will meet the Dean of the Institute to discuss the issue on May 31.

50 students participated in a ‘beef fest’ inside the campus of IIT Madras on Monday, May 29, to protest the centre’s cattle ban which increased to 80 in total.

On Tuesday, May 30, the Madras High Court had granted a four-week stay on the Centre’s decision to prohibit the sale of cattle meant for slaughter.

There is an uproar against the ban on the sale of cattle in states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal and now Tripura has also said that it will not implement the cattle ban in the state.

The centre is looking to tweaking the cattle ban and exclude buffaloes from the list.

The students organised a protest march to the dean’s office demanding the institution to expel the attackers, who are also students of the prestigious college, and to pay for the injured Sooraj’s treatment.

The students have also organised a sit-in. The police are trying to disperse the group but the students say they won't leave till the attackers are arrested.