The total station survey conducted by forest department of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has revealed the fact that 112 trees of various diversities located between Mekhri Circle and Cantonment will be cut down soon for the expansion of road.


The BBMP has taken this initiative in order to facilitate easy movements of road vehicles and to ease the traffic jam on Jayamahal road. The BBMP has asked its forest division to prepare a total station survey report comprising the number of trees to be cut down, the number of trees that can be saved and other necessary suggestions.


The forest division has completed its survey and has submitted the report. As per the report at least 112 trees will have to be cut down in order to expand the road. Recently National Green Tribunal (NGT) has issued a temporary stay order with regard to steel bridge. Now this survey of forest division has become significant for common citizens as well as for environmentalists.


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However the BBMP has decided to proceed with its work of road expansion and has called for the submission of public opinion/objection.


The officers of BBMP forest division told that they’re going to proceed after consolidating the opinions and objections from the general public.


“We have identified 112 trees to cut down for the expansion of Jayamahal road. We’re going to file an appeal at Tree Authority of India, if this project is questioned by the committee” – Appurao, Deputy Conservator of Forests, Forest Division, BBMP


As per the high court order of 2011, the government should get public opinion if it is going to cut down more than 50 trees for the implementation of any of its projects. Besides, the Karnataka Preservation of Trees Act, 1976, amended in 2015, instructs the government to form a committee of experts for such projects and the decision of the committee will be final and binding. But BBMP has violated this rule by not forming a committee so far.


Distance between Mekhri Circle and Cantonment Railway Station

2.8 Kms

Extent of land to be acquired for the expansion of road

15 acres

Estimated cost of the project

₹ 75 crores

Estimated number of trees to be cut down

112 trees of various diversities