Reports of avian flu in Kerala, as well as Ballari in Karnataka, has led to high alert in border areas including Mangaluru. Under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner of Dakshina Kannada, an emergency meeting was held and a number of measures to prevent the spread of the flu have been ordered. 


Vehicles and also trains carrying chicken from Kerala to Mangaluru is being monitored since this city is the largest consumer of chicken imported from Kerala. 


The officers at Talapady check post have been ordered to check trucks carrying chicken from Kerala and farms have been instructed to 'sanitise' the vehicles before loading the chickens. 


For the consumers, Deputy Director of the animal husbandry Dr Thippeswamy advised that chicken and eggs need to be properly cooked and boiled before consuming. Advisory to stakeholders has been sent to report the unnatural death of chickens. 


Due to the high alert, traders in Mangaluru have also stopped getting chicken from suppliers based in Kerala. However, the situation has not impacted the market yet as sufficient local stock is available to meet the demands for next few days.