A Romanian, who was part of the high-tech ATM robbery in Thiruvananthapuram, was arrested from Kenya. A gang of four had tampered with the ATM of State Bank of India and managed to withdraw ₹2.5 lakh. 

Kerala police had sought the help of Interpol to issue a red corner notice for the accused and got information that he was arrested when he arrived at Kenyan airport. A team of police officers from Kerala headed by IG Manoj Abraham will leave for Kenya to bring Alexandro Mariano to the state. 

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The kingpin Gabriel Marian is already behind the cells and was arrested from Mumbai. 

Three Romanian nationals had come to India on a tourist visa on June 25, and they reached on July 8. They stayed at hotels and managed to collect ATM card details and PIN numbers by installing a special electric device in the ATM counters and managed to withdraw money. They used the same technique to rob money from ATM's in Mumbai as well. 

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The incident came to light when above 50 persons launched complaint that they have lost money from their accounts. During investigations, police found that money was stolen from ATM kiosks at Vellayamballam and Althara junctions. Within days investigating officials arrested two Romanians and identified all the culprits from their passports they had submitted while checking into the hotel at Thiruvananthapuram.