The abduction of Mollywood actress and the heated debates surrounding it have once again brought to fore the deep differences and rivalry between trade unions and organisations in the film industry. 


Director Vinayan, who played a key role in the formation of the MACTA (Malayalam Cine Technicians Association), was the first one to slam the 'dubious practices and nefarious nexus' in the industry as the reason behind the abduction and assault of the actress. He alleged that the nexus between the goonda gangs and the industry was very strong. 


Vinayan minced no words in attacking the FEFKA (Association of Film Employees Federations of Kerala) and the producer and director of the film in which the actress was acting when the attack took place. "As far as I understand, the actress was travelling in the vehicle of the film unit. So the director and producer of the film are responsible," he said. The FEFKA is also responsible as it has a say in deciding the drivers of the unit, he said. 


Baiju Kottarakkara, the secretary of MACTA Federation, also raised serious doubts about the criminal links of the FEFKA. By paying Rs. 1 lakh, anybody can become a member of the FEFKA drivers union. Many criminals have entered the industry through FEFKA, he alleged. The MACTA also demanded probe into the allegations that a top actor conspired behind the assault. BJP leader V Muraleedharan also demanded that the allegations should be investigated. 


Sunil Kumar, alias Pulsar Suni, was the driver of some film stars and he is close to many production controllers, Kottarakkara added. The FEFKA did not take any action against Pulsar Suni, despite many complaints pending against him, because of his suspicious links with some influential members, Vinayan said.


It may be recalled that a significant section of the film fraternity formed FEFKA after a series of controversies and mudslinging in MACTA, the mother organisation, in 2008. MACTA was the cultural organisation in the film fraternity. Later, in response to the formation of the trade union FEFKA, Vinayan and his supporters formed MACTA Federation. The FEFKA went on to become the biggest trade union while MACTA Federation continued to attack it despite being very weak in its member base. The latest incident and that kept FEFKA drivers union under the shadow of the doubt, has given a chance for the MACTA Federation to hit at the rivals. Unlike on many other occasions, MACTA’s version has many takers now.   


The attack on the actress and the revelations that similar incidents had taken place in the past call for a serious introspection by the FEFKA and its leaders.