The residents of Siddavvanahalli in Chitradurga have not slept for two days for a cause. Armed with sticks, they have rolled up their sleeves to protect their village from thieves.


It all started 15 days ago with a murder reported from Siddavanahalli. This was followed by a series of thefts, with losses amounting to several lakh.


Villagers suspect that a team of 10-12 miscreants is responsible for the crimes in the village. The team is even alleged to have assaulted people and fled.


This has created tension in Siddavanahalli and residents were too afraid to step out of their homes by themselves. When no help from officials came to the village, the residents themselves decided to protect themselves.


Currently, they are guarding the village in shifts.


No official word has come through whether they shall receive any official help, at least from the police.