After the External Affairs Minister’s efforts to bring back Uzma Ahmad, a woman who was forced to marry at gunpoint and later tortured by her husband, from Pakistan, a Hyderabadi couple has urged Sushma Swaraj to bring back their daughter who is stuck in Pakistan from nine years.

Mohammadi Begum, a native of Hyderabad, was cheated by a Pakistani national, Mohammad Younus, and married her while she was working in Oman, claims her father Mohammed Akbar. He says that she was fraudulently taken to Pakistan on the pretext of shifting to Saudi Arabia.

"My daughter is stuck in Pakistan, she has not yet come. I have been waiting for years. Uzma returned to India after efforts of the government. I really want my daughter to return,”said Begum’s mother.

“This is the month of Ramadan and I want to celebrate it with her. I urge you all to bring my daughter back. My daughter is being tortured; she is being treated like a servant there. Sushma Swaraj ji I will bless you, please bring my daughter back. It`s been 9 years."

According to Akbar, he had spoken to the officials of Indian Embassy in Islamabad and they have assured that they are working continuously on their daughter`s case.