The latest reports say that BJP leader R Ashoka met another veteran Congress leader Ambareesh and invited him to join BJP. Even Ambareesh had expressed his disappointment over developments in Congress.


It can also be noted that last week, Kumara Bangarappa, son of former chief minister Bangarappa too said goodbye to the Congress after being there for 21 years. Some time ago, ex-minister Srinivas Prasad also had quit Congress to join BJP.


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Though post BJP leaders’ meet, SM Krishna did not confirm the date of his joining BJP, he has reacted positively, and he is likely to join the party soon.


It also looks like BJP is trying out Operation Kamala in a new way. This time, the party is targeting all the veteran leaders and so far has been successful in making Srinivas Prasad join the party, and SM Krishna is on his way to join the BJP. Apart from these two, even Kumara Bangarappa who quit Congress just last week is rumoured to be inclined to join BJP. Adding to the list, Tuesday’s meet between BJP’s R Ashoka and Ambareesh is also an indication that BJP is running Operation Kamala, quietly.


Actor-turned-politician Ambareesh has removed from the post of minister some months ago, and this had resulted in him in staying away from the fight for Cauvery water too. After many comments and trolls, Amabreesh had made his return to the party (appeared for meetings and session) but has not been active in anything related to the Congress Party.


There were even rumours that in the 2018 elections, Amabreesh’s wife Sumalatha will contest on BJP ticket. But there has been no confirmation from the couple yet.


Now BJP leaders meeting him is an important development. But the question remains: what makes these leaders have faith that a party full of migrants will give them the necessary position?