Sanjjanaa was called on air to give a byte on the 'Bigg Boss' Kannada programme, as she will be one of the contestants this season.


The live show showed her in a poor light, playing a clip on a loop where she appeared to be accusing Kannada directors/producers of making 'dabba' films.


However, after being heavily trolled, the actress has released on a video on her Facebook account giving her side of the story.


Here is the video of Sanjjanaa’s clarification, which is going viral.


In the video, Sanjjanaa claimed that her words were edited to appear out-of-context and completely altering her original point. Though the TV channel decided to go on with the 'sensational' byte, Sanjjanaa clarified that she did not mean to hurt anyone in the industry.


“I was humiliated by Teshi Venkatesh, and my self-respect as an actor was at stake, which triggered me to use the sentence. It was aimed only at Teshi Venkatesh and not any other producer or director,” she says.


The video also states that she will soon upload the recording of the show, which went on for 45 minutes, to prove the real situation in the studio.


Indeed, even in the original broadcast, producer Venkatesh could be clearly seen and heard shouting ‘shut up’ to Sanjjanaa during the live show, with utter disrespect.


Strangely, in the re-run, the ‘dabba’ part was edited and shown on a loop, and Venkatesh, despite being responsible for the angry response, was shown in good light. He has even filed a complaint with the Kannada Film Chamber against Sanjjanaa.