Mohanlal's 'Pulimurugan' is getting mixed reviews at box office. But it is the action sequences of the movie that is widely applauded by critics and audience alike. 

Celebrated action master Peter Hein, who choreographed the action for 'Pulimurugan' recently, shared a stunt sequence of the movie. 


The video of the making of the action scene was shared on Peter Hein Facebook page.The video has since then become viral on social media and is widely shared.


"I am really glad to see the overwhelming response for my work in Pulimurugan..! And I am really happy that u all are enjoying and celebrating this movie.In this occasion, I would like to thank each and every one in the crew, and especially you guys who made my hard work a grand success," read the post from Peter Hein. 

The celebrated stunt director recently did some crucial action scenes for bilingual 'Baahubali' and is reportedly one of the highest-paid stunt choreographers in India.