Last year, the BBMP had announced that children studying in BBMP schools would be given free uniforms and a pair of shoes with socks. The scheme would have affected more than 10,000 students studying from nursery to 10th standard in urban BBMP schools. 

It is almost the end of the academic year in Karnataka, and yet, the shoes, socks and uniforms pledged by the state government to BBMP schools are yet to materialise. CM Siddaramaiah's government had promised a strong focus on education in BBMP schools. But it has failed to fulfil this important scheme. The announcement was for the academic year 2015-2016, but it is now 2017 and there is still no mention of them from the government.

Padmanabha Reddy, former ruling party leader, told Asianet Newsable that the schemes were announced by the then BJP-ruled BBMP, but once BJP rule in the BBMP came to an end, the schemes also fell flat as the current Congress and JDS combine in the BBMP failed to get funds from the Siddaramaiah government.


"The budget of Rs 2.5 crore, to give shoes and uniforms to 3,929 students in 89 primary schools, 1,702 students in 13 primary and higher primary schools and 5,488 students studying in high schools have all been cheated by the BBMP and the government. In a month's time, the academic year will end, and still the tenders have not been called. This shows lack of commitment towards BBMP schools by the government," he said 


Bengaluru City Mayor G Padmavathi said the BBMP lost an opportunity to serve the poor only because officials delayed in clearing files pertaining to these welfare schemes.


"I had told the district-in-charge minister  KJ George that only 20 percent of the welfare schemes were implemented in 2016. All of this is happens because higher BBMP officers think that they are better than public representatives. The minister has directed for an emergency meet in two days to speed up the welfare schemes," she said.