In a directive issued to district police chiefs in the state, Intelligence chief, DGP Mohammed Yasin stated that 70% of police arrests in the state were illegal. Suo-motto registration of drunken driving cases, which accounts for 95% cases registered, should be reduced, he said. 

Increasing number of drunken driving cases is causing a wrong impression about the state. "The police can dispose of drunken driving cases by collecting fine, but in most incidents, suo motto case is being filed. The increasing number of cases give a wrong message to media on the law and order situation in the state. Such reports result in people losing faith in government," Yasin said.

The intelligence chief also pointed out that 70% of arrests pertain to drunken driving and most of them are made without following norms. Such arrests itself are illegal. The increasing number of cases are burdening the police and affecting the probe into serious offences. Most cases are based on the results of alcometres, but courts mostly reject such cases, he said.