Transport department, city police, and the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) is coming together to make sure that the air quality of Bengaluru improves by checking on vehicles that emit excessive pollutants. 


Both the departments have decided to set up a team comprising three-member nodal officer from the three departments that will be conducting checks on vehicles twice every week throughout Bengaluru and penalise those whose vehicle is found to be emitting excessive pollution. 


According to the Transport Department, more than 25% diesel vehicles and 14% petrol vehicles running in the city are violating pollution emission norms. 


While the checks will be done by the transport department and KSPCB, the city police will be providing security to ensure that there is no interruption while conducting these checks. 


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The checks will begin from January 1 and the first time offenders will be charged with ₹1000 fine, second time offenders will be fined with ₹2000 and in the case of repeated offenders, their licence and their vehicle's registration will be suspended. 


The pollutants released by the vehicles can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular problems, and overall affects the air quality of the city.