The aerial prowess of Swedish defence major Saab will be pit against  Lockheed Martin’s F16. Saab wants to pitch the Gripen E  to the Indian Air Force as part of India’s requirement for single engine military jets. The Gripen E is expected to demonstrate its prowess. A two-seater variant of it will be on display as well. Also chief on Saab’s agenda is pitching the Gripen M (Maritime) version of the Sea Gripen aircraft for the Indian Navy. Designed to fly from catapult-equipped carriers, Gripen M is a single-seat fighter with a footprint small enough to operate from any aircraft carrier in current (or future) global commission. Get to see the sea-bird in person. SAAB will also showcase a very short range, laser-guided next generation air defence system which cannot be jammed by electronic warfare systems, and an all-weather SRSAM (short range surface-to-air missile), also jam-resistant missile system which could target bombers.



Among other foreign companies making it to the show you have France’s Dassault Aviation’s Rafale. The Eurofighter Typhoon,  Sukhoi Aircraft Holding Company  and something from the Boeing  stable which will be bringing  its Chinook transport helicopter and Apache combat chopper. The Chinook performs various transport missions. It transports troops, war supplies and battlefield equipment. This helicopter is also deployed in medical evacuation, search and rescue, aircraft recovery, parachute drop and other operations.



Basic trainer aircraft HTT-40 and Hawk-i, the first indigenously upgraded Hawk Mk 132, will be among the aircraft that will be showcased by HAL during Aero India 2017, along with the Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) and the Light Combat Helicopter (LCH).  The Hawk-i is the 100th Hawk aircraft produced at HAL and it also boasts of the "Make in India" mark and the HAL HTT-40  Basic Trainer Aircraft is also from the hangars of the HAL. Best part is you get to see the Hawk-i as part of the flight displays planned for the event.


There are aerial beasts like  Jaguar and Dassault Mirage 2000 whose prowess will be displayed by the HAL. The main attraction of the HAL pavilion will be a mock-up of the Indian Multi-Role Helicopter. The IMRH is a medium class helicopter which will replace older Mi-8/17 Helicopters from Indian armed forces. It would be able to lift cargo and troops to high-altitude regions in the Himalayas and the North Eastern parts of the country. HAL said that the 10-tonne helicopter, which will be similar to the MI-17 of the Russians.




Visitors can expect to see demo flights of the ALH Mk III Dhruv and Mk IV (Rudra). They intend to show  recent advancements in fixed and rotary wing segments. The Dhruv (Pole Star) advanced light helicopter (ALH), is a multirole and multimission helicopter used by the army, air force, navy, coastguard and civil operations, for both utility and attack roles by day and night. Rudra or the weaponised Dhruv is used by the aviation corps to conduct attack missions. It helps while conducting close air support to the ground troops and boasts of high manoeuvering capabilities. It is equipped with Forward looking Infra Red and Thermal Imaging Sights Interface, a 20 mm turret gun,70 mm rocket pods, Anti-tank guided missiles and Air-to-Air missiles. Now that is some force to reckon with.


For more on what HAL is bringing, read: HAL brings its big guns to Aero India 2017




Surya Kiran, the aerobatics team of the Indian Air Force, were sorely missed in the last two editions of the Aero Show but this time they have returned, however, while previously you may have seen them flying Kiran Mk II, this edition of Aero India will have them flying the advanced jet trainer Hawk Mk 132. The team is famous for their flypasts in various formations.




Visitors to the Aero Show will definitely like this foreign aerobatic team. United Kingdom-based aerobatic team, The Yakovlevs, who fly the Super Yak 52 and the Yak 50 planes will again be coming to fill the Yelahanka skies. Their stunts demonstrate precision flying at its best as well as the unique capabilities of the high performance Yakovlev aerobatics aircraft. It involves close formation manoeuvres and graceful aerobatics. The red, white and grey colours of their aircraft are hard to miss.



It is surely likely that Prime Minister Modi will inaugurate the 11th edition of the India  Aero Show 2017 at the Yelahanka Air Base. Moreso, because this time the focus is on indigenous developed aircrafts. The HAL sure has some wonderful displays planned, of which, the Hawk-i, among others will be chiefly watched.  One can expect this year’s event to be much bigger than 2015. News reports have listed a spread of over 25,000 stalls at Aero India which will display and inform visitors about the latest warfare technologies that companies are offering the world over. The organisers are also expecting ministerial, defence heads and secretary delegations from 109 countries and over 300,000 and close to 1,50,000 business visitors.



Now this is a sight you do not want to miss. The Sarang (Peacock) helicopter aerobatic team of the IAF performs regularly at Aero India and the team performs some absolutely breathtaking aerial stunts. Only the best of the best are selected to fly the Peacock liveried choppers. The helicopters used in the display are painted in red and white and with a peacock figure at the each side of the fuselage. Also they are equipped with white smoke generators. During peacetime, the Sarangs have been seen in action rescuing people from floods or other national disasters.



Also filling the skies with its enormous presence will be the Tejas. This LCA is a tailless, compound delta wing design powered by a single engine. The Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) is the smallest and lightest multi-role supersonic fighter aircraft of its class. It has been designed and developed by the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) and HAL for the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy. It can fly at a maximum speed of 2,205km/h and at maximum altitude of 15,200m. The range of the aircraft is 3,000km. You can watch it in action at the show.