"Be Bold. It takes strong women who step out and set an example for all those women and girls out there who worry what the future holds for them and  wonders whether our rights, opportunites and values will endure what the future holds for them," said former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at the Makers Conference, which focuses on women's issues. 


"Despite all the challenges we face, I remain convinced that, yes, the future is female," Clinton declared in the video. And she goes on to ellaborate how the Women's March highlighted the same.  


Watch the powerful speech made by her:



“The future is female” is a phrase that was invoked often by Clinton’s supporters during her campaign for president and in recent years has become a rallying cry among women and feminists who advocate for more female everything. 


Celebrating and endorsing the future of Bengaluru as a city for women is #Pinkaluru, an Asianet Newsable campaign. Through this campaign we aim for something actionable and positive for fellow women artists and women themselves, at a time when it is more necessary than ever.


Video credit: Associated Press