Bengaluru: After holding HD Kumaraswamy government to ransom by issuing threats to destabilise to the coalition in Karnataka by hinting to side with the BJP, Belagavi strongman Ramesh Jarkiholi has nowhere to go. According to sources, BJP president Amit Shan refused to meet Jarkiholi as he failed to get the requisite numbers (around 20-25 MLAs) and now is approaching senior Congress leaders to arrive at a compromise formula.

"Jarkiholi is camping in Delhi. He could not meet top BJP leaders, who got the hint that Jarkiholi failed to get the numbers. Moreover, the state BJP leaders were apprehensive about the possible bad image the party might gain before Lok Sabha that could impact the results. Now, Jarkiholi is trying to approach leader of Congress in Lok Sabha, Mallikarjun Kharge, and Karnataka Congress legislature party leader Siddaramaiah to arrive at a compromise," said a source.

Congress spokesperson Kengal Renu said that no leader from Congress will leave the party to join the BJP, which is in trouble now. With respect to Ramesh Jarkiholi and team, they owe an explanation for their behaviour. "The party seniors will definitely question them and direct them to be in their limits. The party leaders will ask them if they are bigger than the party. If this logic is applicable to Rahul Gandhi then it applies to Jarkiholis as well," said Renu.

BJP said that Ramesh Jarkiholi's actions have damaged its party's image. Karnataka BJP said that their high command is much stronger. When they do not fall for any threats or demands made by Karnakata BJP unit, why will they fall into the 'Jarkiholi trap', they said. The leaders in Delhi did not want to destabilise Karnataka government, but the game played by Ramesh Jarkiholi using the BJP as his pawn has impacted the party. "The BJP's image is damaged. More than Jarkiholi, the BJP is disturbed. His camp kept us guessing. They prevented us from continuing with our political activities," said Ashwanthnarayana, BJP spokesperson.