Ambarish is not being available even when offered the ticket. The Congress' way of giving tickets in the Mandya District has angered him and he demands that tickets be given not only to him but his supporters as well. 

He is angry the way the selection is made to give tickets by the Congress in Mandya District. He said that it is not enough if only he gets the ticket, even his supporters should also get it. It is said he is very adamant about it.He said that he would contest the election only when his supporters are also given tickets. He turned rebellious because of 

The finalization of Ramesh Bandisidde Gowda from Shrirangapattana and Puttanniah from Padavapura, by the Congress party, has vexed him and despite being offered a ticket he is adamant on not contesting unless his supporters are also given tickets.

Congress leaders have decided to talk to Ambarish to mediate regarding this.