There are complaints about using Paytm as the account cannot be deleted at all. Even if you have lost your phone, the company is said to be sending OTP though mobile message, which can be accessed by the person who has stolen it. Even after getting the new sim, one can be sure that you cannot delete your Paytm account. All you can do is report it to the company, and they will block it for you. So once you enter Paytm, whether you love it or hate it you can never get rid of it, completely.


People should take care while giving your phones to someone else, even to make a call. Because if your phone is unlocked, going to your Paytm account, scanning the code and making payments is not that difficult. According to Economic Times, Paytm had blocked about 5.5 million users in 2015 after they were hit by fraud. The company even barred about 17,000 of its one lakh merchants in the last year.


This applies to other e-wallets like Mobikwik, Freecharge and others are not free of problems. So, here are ten steps people should follow before using your e-wallets.


1)    Password, fingerprint protection

Do not open your phone with just a simple click. Apply PIN, password or fingerprints. Especially when you have finance-related apps, let them surely have a security check before logging in I.e. either a password or a fingerprint protection. This will ensure you that no one can use your phone when you are away.


2)    Anti-virus malware scanner

When you have online apps that need frequent transactions, your phone can have virus attacks. The malware (software which is specifically designed to disrupt or damage a computer system) will help other hack your accounts, which can be accessed easily. So, make it a point to apply a licensed anti-virus scanner to protect all your secret information.


3)    Use one app at a time

It is always safe to use one app, close it and then go to another app. Most of the apps do not close when you jump into other accounts like Facebook. In the social media apps especially many times, we find a feature asking if it can take the information from our profile. Giving access to such apps when some account-related app is already on can create serious problems. So the golden rule is one time, one app.


4)    Do not give any information over the phone

With many e-wallets on your phone, you might get calls from the companies asking you to verify the account and password. Do not give into these tricks and do not reveal your password at any cost. In the case of any problem consult your bank directly.


5)    Opt for OTP

One-time password (OTP) is the best option to keep your phone and account safe. In this way even if someone has figured out your password, it will not make much harm as you keep changing the password frequently. But make sure to keep track of your changed passwords, else you will end up not being able to use your e-wallet.


6)    Don’t install apps without checking the source

The play store will have similar apps on e-wallet. Be careful and download only those apps which are verified and have a proper source. In case you downloaded a rogue app, it will transmit all information to another site, making your phone prone to hacking and virus attacks.


7)    Check https and http

While logging in, please check the URL of the site. If it starts with https it is safe for download. But if it has only http do not have it on your phone, because it is not verified and might put your phone at risk.


8)    Double check accounts and numbers

While making payments through e-wallet do check the account number you are putting money into twice. Because one your credit money into a different account, your money might not be returned. Especially while paying the bill –double check the number and amount.


9)    Try using address book feature

Avoid typing numbers and have bank details, account numbers and important phone numbers too on the address book. Just copy and paste it, this will save you time as well as will prevent you from entering wrong details.


10)    Do not lose your phone

This becomes the most important of all the features because you have your world in that phone. So, always be on guard and remember to take your phone with you. Remember with e-wallets you are carrying as well as managing your finances in the small digital wonder called the mobile phone.