In a horrifying incident in Manama, an Ethiopian maid was found guilty of smashing the faces of her employer's daughters and also attacking their mother. A court in Jizan also ordered that the helper be given 1,300 lashes for her crime. 

The incident occurred in Sanbah village where the helper attacked the girls with an intent to hurt them. It is reported that she had harboured this wish for quite some time. The two girls Raghd (9) and Rua (6) howled in pain when their mother got alerted and rushed to the spot to find what the maid was doing. 

The helper turned against her too and attacked her. Hearing shouts and cries from the neighbouring household, the victims' neighbours rushed to the spot to rescue the trio. This prompted the helper to flee. However, police, with the help of the neighbours fished the helper out from the village and arrested her. She was remanded in custody as the case aginst her was reviewed. The three victims have been admitted to the local hospital.