Nitin Shenoy, a businessman from Mumbai and founder of Tejora Technologies Limited, drowned in the sea off the coast of Dubai while trying to save a drowning dog on April 9. 

According to a Mid-Day report, the resident of Lokhandwala, Andheri (W) was a frequent visitor of Dubai for business purposes. On the night of the incident, he was strolling on the beach at Palm Jumeirah when he spotted a dog drowning in the sea. 

Shenoy then jumped into the sea to save the dog and was pulled into the sea by its strong current. The daily stated that later on it was found that the drowning dog belonged to a friend of Shenoy. What happened to the drowning dog is still unknown. 

The incident has been confirmed by Al Barsha police that arrived on the spot along with divers. Shenoy was pulled out of the water and was taken to Al Maktoum Hospital. As a policy, the authority informed Consulate General of India at Al Hamriya in Dubai.

Meanwhile, his wife who was in Mumbai at the time of the incident flew for Dubai immediately and she was quoted by Mid-Day as saying that Shenoy did not know swimming and only swam in pool and not much in the ocean.