A group of Indian expats have joined hands with their compatriots in Kerala and have spearheaded an initiative to promote anti-free dowry weddings. They are facilitating the weddings of 1,001 poor girls as part of the movement.

The wedding will take place over a span of one year as part of the first anniversary of the Sthreedhana Rahitha Samooham (Dowry-free Society) across Kerala and GCC countries.

The group has successfully executed over a dozen marriages and are planning to support these poor brides with Rs 60,000 each. They have compiled a data of 100 eligible women for the first phase of the project. The committee members of thus UAE-based organisation have counselled young men against taking dowry and 15 men have taken a pledge not to take dowry in their marriages. The members are also educating future mother-in-laws to discourage their sons from taking dowry.