Dubai is known for many things, and cleanliness is one of them. The authorities and the residents are highly conscious about keeping the city clean and beautiful, and there are strict rules violations of which can invite a huge fine. 

The rules for maintaining cleanliness of Dubai applies to both residents and tourists. Therefore, even for the tourists, it is important to be aware of the local rules of this city. 

To make it convenient for residents and tourist, the Dubai Municipality has listed offences and the fines on their website. As per this list, offences, like throwing garbage on the street and spitting in public, can invite Dh 500 fine. Similarly, if anyone is found to be guilty of not taking necessary, adequate steps to prevent wastewater leakage or flow from building or falling of the wastewaters from tankers, then it can invite a penalty of Dh 10,000.

Whereas, a fine of Dh 100,000 will be imposed on anyone found ‘Disposing of wastewater in any manner in the open places or in places other than designated by the competent and concerned authorities’.

The lowest amount of fine is Dh 100, and the highest amount is Dh 100,000. 

To find the offences and the penalty amounts click here