Five bootleggers of Indian origin beat two men, killing one in the process, for trying to blackmail them pretending to be policemen. The Dubai police arrested them.

The five men were selling liquor illegally to passers-by in the Al Quoz area. They were approached by two Egyptians who pretended to be policemen and demanded money from them for not locking them up.

The Indians, aged between 25 and 28, took out several sticks and attacked the two. One of them managed to escape. He later gathered his co-workers and returned to the spot.They saw police cars, and pedestrians gathered around and an ambulance.

The police arrested the five perpetrators after a primary investigation. "They denied it at first but soon they admitted willingly," said an officer. "The first defendant admitted that on the day of the incident he called for the other defendants and they all waited for the victims."

He said the five stated that they did not mean for anyone to die. They just wanted to stop the men from blackmailing them.

The five were not produced in court where they were charged with physical assault that caused the death of one person and injury of another. 
The next hearing is scheduled for June 7.