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Yoga Asanas that can help to keep your heart healthy

You can quickly try out these asanas at home, you might need more time to nail it, but the goal is to keep at it constantly. Here are some asanas that can particularly help in improving your heart health. 

Yoga Asanas that can help to keep your heart healthy sur
First Published Oct 31, 2022, 10:51 AM IST

Yoga can never be under the category of casual workouts because yoga is so much more than exercise; yoga is a way of life. It has been p that practising yoga can help combat various kinds of illnesses, proven scientifically, from your mental wellness to your heart health and many more. Recently, we have witnessed an increase in cardiovascular issues, and it is time you pay attention to what your heart desires, which is a proper and active lifestyle. We suggest five yoga asanas that will help you keep your heart safe.

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Cobra Stretch: Cobra stretch, also known as ‘Bhujangasana’, is an asana that will significantly focus on your abdominal area and glutes. Doing this daily can improve the blood circulation in your body, which also means that your heart is taken care of too.

Tadasana: It can be a real trick to get this pose right at the first go, but if you go gentle with yourself, you will be able to nail this yoga pose. This asana will help manage your stress levels and prompt good heart health.

Crocodile Pose: Also known as Makarasana, this pose can strengthen your spine and improve your heart health. This yoga pose helps in relaxing the whole body and can also help in relieving pain. This pose helps to relieve stress.

Malasana: Even though it might seem like an easy asana to perform, it is one of the most challenging yoga poses. But, at the same time, this pose also has several health benefits, such as improved blood circulation, strengthened calf muscles, and reduced weight.

Gomukhasana: A Sanskrit word, Gomukhasana, translates into a cow face posture. A classic yoga pose, to say the least, this yoga pose can help with blood circulation in your body and can solve any hip-related issues you have.

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