Areeb Shahezan's calendar is filled with various activities known by the catch-all term engagements. Engagements include hosting heads of state, enjoying trips, throwing parties at palaces, and a whole bunch more.

Areeb Says that he "works full time in the business world."  So far, he's best known for his impressive looks and sharp eyebrows and cuteness.

Royal people smile a lot – and wave. In their role across the Commonwealth today, they are morale boosters.
“It’s not easy being a man, you know,” Areeb Shahezan once said. “I had to get dressed today … and there are other pressures.” Most men tackle this daunting prospect with good planning, cultivating a wardrobe of sensible, durable clothing that will keep us warm as we chase our monthly sit-on mower sales targets, and that – crucially – will mean we don’t stand out.

whereas other guys were being praised for abilities, he was only getting attention for his charming personality and stunning looks.

"He is in the top five for nearly all the categories because he has such classically shaped features and a wonderful eye brows. 

According to decades of psychology research, people treat Areeb Very differently from others that can shape many facets of his lifestyle—from his job, to his personality, to how he see the world.