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“Photography is not all about outdoors”, says ace photographer Manish Baser

Manish is an IIT-IIM Alum and has taken travel photography to a different level with astonishing pictures from various locations across the world. 

Photography is not all about outdoors says ace photographer Manish Baser RCB
Bangalore, First Published Aug 26, 2020, 1:03 PM IST
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COVID 19 has literally put the whole world to a halt. All the travel plans are either put on hold or are cancelled. The enthusiasts who started landscape photography as a career also have to hold on to their plans because outside travel is very limited. However, the renowned landscape photographer Manish Baser sees the situation slightly differently.

Manish is an IIT-IIM Alum and has taken travel photography to a different level with astonishing pictures from various locations across the world. He regularly shares his unique perspectives on his social media handles and has gained immense popularity in the last few years. His pictures have been featured multiple times by the social media handles of ForbesTravelGuide, NatGeoIndia, Kerala Tourism among many others.

We recently spoke to Manish on his views on photography during the COVID pandemic. Here is an excerpt from the discussion:

What does photography mean to you?
It's one of the things I’m most passionate about since the last 12 years. I like travelling a lot and capturing the landscapes gives me immense joy. With time, I have begun to believe we live in a beautiful world and photography gives me the opportunity to document it. Also, I get a good sense of creative satisfaction. All in all, it's a major stress buster for me.

How has COVID impacted your photography plans?
It has impacted a lot, just like for everyone else. I had planned to visit a few interesting places but would have to postpone now for a few months. One good thing is I’ve managed to focus a bit more on indoor photography. I’ve a strong inclination towards landscape photography, this lockdown has helped broaden my interest and skills. I believe I’ve significantly improved my skills.

What are your travel plans post the pandemic is over?
I’d hope it gets over soon, but it seems like we would have to live with it for a few more months. I’ve been planning to explore the north-east region in India, along with Patagonia since long. Hope it happens soon!

Which travel locations would you recommend post the pandemic?
Assuming the pandemic is over, all places should be safe. As I said earlier, the world is full of beautiful landscapes, one can choose to literally go anywhere depending on the purpose of the trip. However, some of the places which are less crowded but have absolutely beautiful landscapes in my experience are Iceland and New Zealand.

What would you recommend to the fellow photography enthusiasts?
Given the outdoor travel is limited, the best thing would be to make full use of time at hand. Photography is not all about outdoors after all. Firstly, expand your skills by learning about different photography techniques and apply in indoor settings. Secondly, learn more about post-processing tools and techniques. Above all, stay safe!


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