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How to improve, hone your spiritual prowess

Guru Rudransh, life coach and spiritual mentor gives the real meaning of spiritualism has a pleasant feeling within, softness, and a sense of completion. It’s more about looking at the minutest attributes of a giant structure

How to improve, hone your spiritual prowess
Bangalore, First Published Jul 17, 2020, 5:38 PM IST
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Since its inception, there has been a constant race among humans to become supreme to another. The race might be with regard to a number of things such as position, reputation, wealth, education or even physical strength. 

The prime objective behind it is just to emerge more supreme. But there come situations when despite ticking off the aforementioned factors, the sense of satisfaction remains missing. And when people do not get the satisfaction and happiness from these things, he embarks on the path of spiritualism. 

But in common practice, spiritualism has often been associated with rituals and superstitions. There are many who perceive spiritualism as walking down that path, but that’s not actually true.
The real meaning of spiritualism is having a pleasant feeling within, softness and the sense of completion. It’s more about looking at the minutest attributes of a giant structure. 

Different people suggest different means to pursue the path of spiritualism. Some might suggest you to go to isolated locations such as hills, forests etc or performing yagnas. But in the real sense, spiritualism is the hunt for the person within. Before embarking out, you need to get introduced to your real self. 

Usually, there are two kinds of people who move towards spiritualism – one who feel attached to the almighty even as they grow up, and the other who have faced some untoward situations in life and hence began their struggle for peace. Those in the second category often tend to resort back as situations that earlier compelled them begin to change.
Now coming to how one can walk down the path of spiritualism amid the hustle bustle and struggles of daily lives. The first and foremost step is developing a sense of dedication and absolute belief in the almighty. The next step is developing concentration. For this, remove the various photographs or idols of deities and focus merely on the one that you believe in the most. You can close your eyes and recite mantras that you relate with, for instance, Om Namah Shivay. Start doing this initially for 5 minutes and gradually increase the time frame.
Remember one thing, you need to be very patient at the onset. You might fail in the first few attempts but with your patience and constant endeavour, this is achievable. Once you embark on the road to spiritualism, a connection will be established between your mind and body. For example you decide to go for a morning walk, but when the alarm rings, your body gets lazy and you end up going back to bed. Here, the mind and the body are acting in opposite directions, but when you imbibe spiritualism, you can overcome this obstacle with ease.
And last but not the least, you need a sensible and knowledgeable guide or guru for the purpose. Electricity is of utmost importance to our households, but when a kid or any unskilled adult tries to fix appliances or wirings, there is strong likelihood of the person getting electrocuted. What’s needed is a skilled electrician who would take the right precautions and fulfill the requirement without any hazard. This is what having a knowledgeable guru is like. It needs to be understood that spiritualism should be pursued rightly, otherwise it might benefit less and end up harming more.

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