Mindfulness, meditation, counselling, coaching - all are the pathways to greater emotional wellbeing. The wellness industry has been in focus with mental health being much spoken about in social circles. 

In these changing times, people are moving towards looking at both facets of their wellbeing - emotional as well as physical health. Emotion management is the need of the hour. But, there is a dire need to increase higher awareness on accessing authentic healing methods that are often used as a support to greater emotional and physical wellbeing. And, one individual has been at the forefront in all these areas for the last 16+ years. 

Meet ICF and EMCC-certified and a Mindfulness Practitioner - Dr. Paras. He is a Life Leadership Coach who has been empowering millions worldwide. His extensive experience began with his journey of studying psychology. He continued his further studies in the areas of coaching (ICF and EMCC), counselling, mindfulness, NLP (Dr. Richard Bandler), and more. His international travels spurred his creativity into action. This witnessed him releasing two eBooks earlier in 2020, which outlined his learnings for his followers. An active blogger, and social media enthusiast, Dr. Paras connects with his followers online to offer free coaching tips, knowledge on counselling, mindfulness sessions, blogs, podcasts, videos, and more. 


His first eBook, ‘Mindfulness Practitioner’ is suitable for every busy individual who feels trapped in a daily grind. Paras also shares deeper insights into mindfulness, an ancient spiritual practice. He outlines what Mindfulness is, how to deepen the connection with self, rekindle your goals while understanding ways to manage behaviour. The book shares valuable techniques a reader can use and implement to be their own coach in life. Paras outlines the regular practice of these techniques will bring a transformation to life. 
Dr. Paras also released his second eBook, “On Becoming a Counselor: 24 Secrets Revealed” which serves as a guide to practicing and aspiring counselors. Any person can use it as a guide to understand counseling practices and learn ways to build mental health in self and others. The book outlines his years of expertise in 24 chapters which begins with a glimpse of the history of counseling. This is a resource to support an individual to ace their counseling skills.  
A writer and popular blogger, speaker, podcaster, and a coach who enjoys an international presence, Dr. Paras established his coaching firm - Matrrix, in 2016. He also established his not-for-profit named Tava-Mitram the same year. Born as Sangharsh S. Daithankar in Mumbai, India, Dr. Paras hailed from a modest background. His passion to study the complexities of the human mind and his ability to connect instantly with people witnessed his growth over the years. He overcame all self-limiting beliefs to conquer his goals. And, through his writings, he offers his readers the same essence that built his persona and fetched him fame.  

Paras continues to work in the areas of building emotional strength and tap the hidden potential through coaching and counseling techniques. He also offers international certifications for learners. Dr. Paras also founded “Dr. Paras Wellness Pvt. Ltd.” in 2020 that ties his different ventures together. 
A coach par excellence, Dr. Paras has won several international certifications. His most recent award for which he won accolades is the prestigious, ‘Global Coach of the Year Award’ for 2019-2020 by EMCC (Paris). He was also presented the ‘Young Leader Award’ by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in 2018 (USA). He continues to collaborate globally through his mission of inspiring, empowering, and transforming every person on the globe.