Sam Bertini is a New York-based model and is currently pursuing a B.A. in Economics at New York University, where he is set to graduate with honors. The multi-talented artist has been seen going viral on social media, gathering up a large and loyal fan base. 

Sam Bertini was born in Manama, grew up in Dubai, and has now officially moved to New York City. And although this move was initially an educational based decision, it has transformed into a promising career in the Modeling Industry. In fact, according to an article on MyNation, Bertini “is being swamped with competing offers from the top talent agencies and management firms in New York City, and is a rising star, no doubt.”


Sam Bertini

But this article described only a fraction of Bertini’s acclaim and fan base. We know from experience how loyal and devoted his fans are, as we received hundreds of fan emails asking us to interview him and write about his life. Unfortunately, we weren't able to schedule an interview with the star, due to his prior commitments with other news outlets, but fortunately, his team was able to give us some info about him, which many might not know!


Top Talent Agencies Competing To Sign Rising Star Model Sam Bertini: Stats  Inside

According to Bertini's team, he is ethnically and culturally mixed. His mother is Lebanese, and his father is Spanish-Italian. And we were also told that he is a passionate and skilled writer as well. In fact, he has already published poetry, short stories and philosophical opinion pieces to widespread readership. He has completed a speculative fiction novel as well called ‘Callipolis’ and is currently working on his second novel called ‘On Art.’ His team did not give us any information regarding the plots, however.