Masks have become inevitable these days. Lorenzo. ae has been nailing the fashion market with their statement and exclusive sound-activated masks that are a fashion statement with every bit of protection. For the party-goers and party planners, these masks are a must add to your to-do list if you want to stand out, be a fashion sensation, and put on a fabulous show.

The sound activated masks come with astonishing features that amaze anyone who wears them. These masks are made of environmentally friendly material which allows you to breathe comfortably under them and are skin-friendly with our users satisfaction and comfort as a priority. 

The eye-stunning feature of these masks is that they are voice-activated and controlled. All you have to do is to ‘just say the word’...! to activate your mask and get the party started. These masks use low energy consumption LED’s which increase the longevity of the masks.

For all the riders out there… has got you covered...! these masks can be used at nights keeping you protected and turn heads while you ride your beast. These Masks come with well a fitted velcro that is comfortable and offers more dexterity. The fabric is four layered with moisture-wicking technology that helps you breathe at ease and dries quickly.

The jaw-dropping feature of these masks is its ability to light at different volumes. The LED’s on the masks display the sound wave of the music around and change colors as the volume increases or decreases. You can personalize your mask by changing the appearance of the animations and designs that appear on the LEDs on the mask. Like someone once said, " Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it". 

With these sound activated masks, you will make all heads turn wherever you step in.

Good news for Deepika Padukone; she gets another brand endorsement

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