Causative efforts of an actress turned fashion sensation is imperative with Intra persona outlook. Regardless of trends, Sanghmitra Singh believes in self-development of apparel well satisfied by self gained responses. Her exceptional designing and styling have ignited the spark of owning the attitude that makes her authentic. 

On discovering that one could master in the fields of attitude just by being at discipline, she began learning the art of living yoga. "You find peace not by reconstructing the circumstances of your life, but by recognising who you are at the deepest level", says Sanghmitra on personality development for every individual. 

She believes in the complete personality development of her clients. Grooming the external look with inner style through Sanghmitra Singh Yog Mitra a firm owned by Sanghmitra Singh for teaching yoga as she is a die-hard believer that beauty lies in inner-self sharpened skilfully by traditional yoga. Her ‘Sanghmitra Yog Mitra’ is a club that caters absolute knowledge and insights about yoga and the yoga lifestyle, including social philosophy teachings, food and nutrition consultation, beauty tips, asana instructions and lot more. 

Hence she blooms as a complete piece of fashion solution. Eventful life is a factual abundance to events, patronised by characters like Sanghmitra with ventures like Mitra Events at UAE. They are redefining Event close to realities. Mitra Events is leaping new boundaries every day.

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Sanghmitra Singh Fashion designer has great influence trends for the current and upcoming seasons. Fashion plays on life, on art, on love! When a designer is talking about an incredibly moving gown or element of fashion, their words often relate to so much more. Some of the demonstrations on this list are short and cheeky, while others are more thoughtful and profound. Still, all are pretty much iconic.