A good smelling person leaves an everlasting impact on our mind. As cliche as it sounds, perfume plays an important role to amp up our personality. A good smell is like an identity, which narrates the language of a person's personality without verbal communication. Throwing some light about the same Perfume wardrobe and personal branding expert and person stylist, Gitanjali Singh, spoke exclusively with Asianet about the evolving culture of perfume wardrobe and how good perfume is a replica of impressionable personality. 

Q1: How would you relate the importance of good smell with an impressionable personality impact? 

Yes, smell works a lot in creating an impeccable first impression. It connects on a psychological level. It helps build a credible image and a unique identity. It works as a halo effect if one smells good. It shows that the person takes care of his or her grooming, pays attention to details, and even that he or she is efficient. Perfume talks about a person’s personality and personal style.

Q2: How does the culture of perfume wardrobe works

Perfume wardrobes are created based on the lifestyle, profession, and personality of the individual. Today’s discerning customer realises the fact that the same perfume can’t be worn for all occasions. Perfume wardrobes can be created with designer or niche perfume brands. We also make bespoke scents that can be customised and tailor-made as per the perfume personality of the client. People with different perfume personalities like different perfume families.

Q3: What happens at the 'perfume workshops'

Perfume workshops are experiential. They are like a smell journey, where people can explore the beauty of fragrances and scents. They learn how perfume is created and smell various ingredients. Why I say it’s a smell journey is because smells take you through memory lane and connect you to your emotions. People love making these connections, they experiment, blend, and make their perfume as well. 

Q4: Customised perfumes are getting highly popular as gift items

A lot of people come and get customised perfumes made to gift their spouses or family. People like the idea of gifting bespoke as they are personalised, customised and unique gifts. They are handcrafted and tailor-made to suit the personality of the wearer. Gifting bespoke perfumes is becoming very popular and people gift them on milestone birthdays, anniversaries and even as a wedding gift. Brides and bridegrooms create their bespoke scents for their weddings as well. 

Q5: How vividly has the culture of perfume wardrobe increased

People today are very well-traveled, they have visited many niche Perfumeries in France and many more countries. A lot of customisation culture has come back. People look out for uniqueness which complements their style. As an image consultant I work on people’s clothing wardrobes and these days since people realise the importance of wearing the right fragrance at the right occasion people even want their perfume wardrobes created.

Q6. One perfume you can wear for the rest of your life? 
It’s very difficult to pick one fragrance. Chance Chanel is an all-time favourite and my go-to perfume. I love Jo Malone, Hermes perfumes and am very fond of Black Orchid by Tom Ford. I quite enjoy some of the perfumes I create and wear them regularly. 

Q7. Do you seek inspiration from available perfume scents? 
I like to create unique scents but if a client has a particular scent or a fragrance family in mind we can surely draw inspiration. 

Q8. What would be like an ideal perfume wardrobe? 
Many things need to be considered. Suiting the seasons, personality, occasions, roles, profession, and of course considering whether they want to wear it during the day or the night. A work perfume should be mild and pleasant, what you wear to date should be romantic and sensual. The perfume you wear to a sports bar would be different from what you would wear to a jazz bar. Many occasions may require carefully selected scents where people need to attend socialite events, conferences, art exhibitions, vintage rallies, polo matches, weddings, and cocktails. Keeping all these attributes in mind a perfume wardrobe is created. The wardrobe can contain designer, niche, or signature scents based on the client’s budget and preference.