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6 ways to avoid fungi, germs, and bacteria from your gym wear and equipment

Rather than cancelling your gym membership, you may use these simple measures to ensure proper hygiene at the gym.

6 ways to avoid fungi, germs, and bacteria from your gym wear and equipment RBA
First Published Jan 12, 2023, 7:30 AM IST

Exercise and going to the gym regularly are unquestionably good for our health. It keeps us fit and healthy, aids in weight loss, lifts our spirits, and makes our skin glow from within.

However, bacteria, viruses, and fungi may survive on gym equipment and cause the flu, rashes, and other skin illnesses such as ringworm, plantar warts, athlete's foot, and Staphylococcus. Proper hygiene, such as hand washing with soap, sanitising, and wearing clean clothes, are some of the strategies to keep your skin and body healthy.

Instead of cancelling your gym membership, follow these easy steps to maintain excellent gym cleanliness.

Take care of skin problems: If you have a break in your skin, cover it immediately with a waterproof bandage. Saunas and steam rooms should be avoided until the wound has healed completely. Take care of your skin problems if they exhibit indications of infection, edoema, rashes, pus, or inflammation. Consult a dermatologist about it.

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Wash your hands: The basic guideline for keeping hygiene anyplace is to wash your hands. Always wash your hands by lathering them with soap, massaging them for 20-30 seconds, and allowing them to air dry. You may also wash your hands before and after using gym equipment.

Wear loose-fitting clothes: Gym wear that does not stick to your body and may absorb sweat. Make it a habit to wash your training gear after each use. This will keep your skin dry and avoid germ development.

Disinfect gym equipment:

  1. Before using any gym gear, clean it with a disinfectant or spray.
  2. Consider the next person and sterilise the equipment after each usage.
  3. Add a towel to which you may rest your hand for added protection.
  4. Instead of utilising the gym's yoga mat, bring one from home.

Shower immediately after your workout to remove the perspiration and the germs and viruses you were exposed to at the gym. Never share personal items such as towels, razors, or combs.

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On the gym grounds, do not stroll around barefoot. Wear flip-flops when utilising the gym showers to protect your feet. Wash and dry your feet carefully, paying specific attention to the spaces between your toes. If your feet are still sweaty or damp, apply an anti-fungal or anti-bacterial powder to your feet/socks/shoes.



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