This could make for a great conversational opener with friends, family or even a first date!


Based on data by the World Bank, United Nations, BBC, WSJ and others, David McCandless and his colleagues at information is beautiful came up with a map where countries are number one and best known for.


Some of the information is amusing and horrifying in equal measure. 

Take for starters, did you know that Croatia is best known for its kidney transplants, or that walnut forests are best in Krygystan, or that Nigeria has the best scrabble players, or that Togo is known for its unhappiness. Pakistan are number 1 for gay porn and that Niger is for child brides?


The list is endless and fascinating. The data was then divided across several categories like humanity, gastronomy, nasty, and psychology to name a few.


Here’s the map in its entirety  


And here’s what Asian countries are number one at:



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