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These quirky shaped vegetables will make you laugh out loud

funny looking vegetables


Sometimes, vegetables just have a personality of their own, and nature tends to indulge them.  Here are some odd and hilarious-looking, and rather suggestive produce that farmers and gardeners have unearthed in their backyard, much to their horrified amusement. 


Check out these chuckle-worthy vegetables!



1. Foot shaped radish:   


funny looking vegetables Image Source: Getty


A foot shaped Japanese radish, harvested by farmer, Yukihiro Ikeuchi, is displayed at the Fureai Center Ryonan Branch on Jan 22, 2015, in Ayagawa, Kagawa, Japan. The farmer found the 30-cm long, 1.5 kg foot shaped radish while preparing to ship other radishes.




2. Duck-shaped tomato:  


funny looking vegetables Image Source:  Youtube


Marie Davidik of the US found this cutesy looking duck shaped tomato in her garden last year.




3. Peter Pepper:


funny looking vegetables Image Source:  Brocken Inaglory, Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-3.0


This chuckle-worthy pepper is known for its uncanny resemblance to the male genital. Commonly found in Texas and Louisiana, this penile-looking pepper packs scores a significant punch between 10,000-23,000 on the Scoville scale.




4. Breast-shaped potato:  

funny looking vegetables Image Source:  Pinterest

A farmer in the UK got the shock of his life while harvesting potatoes. This potato shaped like breast discovered in 2014 is presumably being preserved, and was in consideration to “promote breast cancer charity” as per a Daily Mail report.


5. Brinjal face:


funny looking vegetables Image source:


Why the long face, brinjal?



6.  Horrified Capsicums:


funny looking vegetables Image Source: Imgur


That scared the beejesus out of us!

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